Baby Shoe Sizing

At Karen's 4 Kids hard to fit feet are our specialty

Karen's 4or Kids is the last of a full service shoe store which still measures children’s feet and takes the time to fit them properly. With over 70 years of experience guiding us, our motto has always been “We don’t just sell shoes, we FIT shoes”.

Children take thousands of steps a day, so the shoe must be comfortable and well fitted for that kind of abuse and wear. We have always felt that proper fitting shoes are essential to establishing good health in children of any age.

A properly fitted QUALITY shoe will last your child 3-4 months, versus a poorly fitted shoe from a discount store which might only last a month.

Baby Shoe Sizing

When your baby begins pulling themselves up and walking around furniture or with assistive toys you will know that your child is ready for their first walking boots. The average age is 8-12 months.

Walking boots provide balance and confidence when a baby is taking their first steps. The bottom of a baby’s foot is very flexible and rounded, so the shoe provides a sturdy base to stand on. They also act as protection against stubbing their toe or hitting a table leg. 

We know how important your child's first steps are and we want to be a part of that momentous occasion by providing only quality properly fitted shoes for our youngest customers. For that reason we will only provide a limited amount of baby shoes on our e-commerce store but our storefront will always be THE destination in Windsor & Essex county to have your baby's first shoes properly fitted.

When you purchase baby shoes from Karen's we will send you out a reminder card in 3 months to come back and check the fit. Just remember that 3-4 months is the average time for them to outgrow their shoes. Another physical way to know is if the shoe is difficult to put on or the baby is tripping more often, then the shoe is probably getting too small.