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Our shoe club has been a part of Karen’s 4or Kids for over 50 years. There’s no cost, no obligation and no time limit. We give a rewards card to any customers who wish to join and have purchased full-price shoe wear or clothing. We take all of your full-priced items (including any that have our $5.00 off coupons used on them) and record them on the card for you, along with the date they were purchased and a verification stamp. When the card is filled up with 12 items, we will take up the average of their total cost and give it to you as a store credit. So if the average cost of all of the items ends up being $50, then you will receive a $50 credit for your next purchase. If the average is less than the total price of your purchase, you will need to pay the difference. If the average is more, the remainder will be placed on your account as store credit which can be used for your next purchase. You can also choose to save the credit for another time, and begin a new card. Popular times to save the card for include: August, our back to school season; October/November, our winter boot season; and April/May, our sandal season. Just remember to hold on to the card after it’s full, because we do not keep track of it and it’s as good as cash. We don’t keep track of the card for you so please don’t lose it.

Shoe Club Card Back Shoe Club Card Front

The shoe club card folds conveniently so it can be stored in your wallet. It’s also bright orange so it can easily be found in your wallet when up at the counter. Adult shoes can go on the card as well, so if you need a pair we carry some men’s sizes up to 14 and women’s size 11. Remember: the card fills up fast with every season, and the more kids you purchase for the faster the card fills up!

Did you forget your Shoe Club card?

Not to worry, we’ll give you another one for this purchase. Bring in any other cards you may have at home next time and we’ll be able to combine all of your cards into one. It’s not uncommon for customers to return with multiple cards, and some even bring in cards from decades ago, when their parents or other family members shopped. The cards never expire, keep that information in mind!

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