Footwear facts you always wanted to know!

With all the various situations and experience we have had in dealing with foot issues, we’ve taken some of them and put together a page with many of the everyday questions we encounter over the years. Have a look, you may find it interesting.


What age do babies get their first walking boots?

The average age is 8-12 months, when the baby is pulling themselves up and walking around furniture.

How long will a shoe last in terms of growth?

On average, you can expect a shoe for a child up to 2 years old to last about 3-4 months. A shoe on a child over 2 years old will last about 4-5 months.

What's so important about first walking boots?

They provide balance and confidence when a baby is taking their first steps. They also act as protection against stubbing their toe or hitting a table leg. The bottom of a baby’s foot is very flexible and rounded, so the shoe provides a base to stand on.

Why should I buy my shoes from Karen's?

We are the last of a full service shoe store which still measures children’s feet and takes the time to fit them properly. Children take thousands of steps a day, so the shoe must be comfortable and well fitted for that kind of abuse and wear.

Why shouldn't I just fit them at a discount store and buy a cheap pair?

It’s been proven that the quality of those shoes are hard, stiff and uncomfortable. In addition, the child often wears through them within a month, whereas our shoes will normally last the season.

Any suggestions for my child during sandal season?

Yes, wear socks for the first couple of wearings, especially for toddlers. This will soften the sandals up before wearing them barefoot in order to avoid blisters.

When is the best time for selection before each season?

For fall shoes and runners, the first two weeks of August. For spring and summer sandals, March and April. For winter boots, October and November.

When do you run sales and promotions?

Check out our blog section for set times and dates of promotions. However, we have a sale wall which we try to keep stocked regularly. In addition, we have our 50 year old SHOE CLUB where you receive a credit based on the average price of your previous 12 full-price purchases. Furthermore, we have a mobile app with will notify you of any promotions and news regarding the store. We also have a mailing list for e-mail and direct mail promotions.

How will we know when our baby needs new shoes?

We will send you out a reminder card in 3 months to come back and check the fit. Just remember that 3-4 months is the average time for them to outgrow their shoes. Another physical way to know is if the shoe is difficult to put on or the baby is tripping more often, then the shoe is probably getting too small.

Are all of your staff trained to fit shoes properly?

Yes, however we continue to have a double check system where one of the owners confirms the fit of every shoe before it is sold.

Hard to fit feet is our specialty, with over 68 years of experience helping to guide us. Our motto has always been “we don’t just sell shoes, we fit shoes”.


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