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Proper Fitting Shoes are Essential to Good Health

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Proper Fitting Shoes are Essential to Good Health

Wearing proper shoes is essential to feeling good, keeping your feet healthy and reducing pain and discomfort.

It’s a scientific fact: as we age our feet start to collapse and change causing an imbalance in your foundation. This leads to body alignment issues and stress points in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, back and neck.


This is a common dilemma that most people face. Just like our eyes change as we age, it is the same with feet – they are amazingly complex yet we do not pay much attention to them. Most of us are guilty of sticking our poor feet into a pair of shoes not designed to hold and support them properly. The simple fact is most of us are wearing improperly fitting shoes.

Wearing the wrong size shoe can lead to a myriad of complicated and painful foot problems. If you’ve been wearing the same size shoe for more than five years, chances are you’re wearing the wrong size. Who would have thought that improperly fitted shoes and lack of proper support could be the major cause of pain in your knees and back? Yet most people are wearing improperly fitted shoes according to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

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